Where is Anne Frank? - History trip

In commemoration of International Holocaust Memorial Day, a group of Year 9 pupils had the opportunity to visit the New Park Cinema to watch a special screening of Ari Foman's animated film "Where is Anne Frank?" The film was a really unique take on Anne Frank, her legacy and linking it to the migrant issue in our world today.  After the screening the pupils took part in a workshop exploring human rights, all led by the local charity, Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day.  The workshop focused on the rise of Hitler, anti-Semitism, how this led to the Holocaust and then importantly human rights today. Each pupil was given a my rights passport, covering the universal declaration of human rights.

When the day was over, New Park Cinema said they'd never seen a cinema left so neat and tidy! So very proud of our pupils and how they conducted themselves throughout the day. 

Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day want to continue to work with CFS every year which is a real honour.

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